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Debt Help Through our "Debt Counseling College"

Welcome to "Debt Counseling College"© the division of Debt Counseling Corporation that educates consumers about debt, credit and fiscal responsibility. "Debt Counseling College"© provides information to individual consumers, social service agencies, schools and the like.

We improve your financial literacy level by teaching you the tools you need to make better financial decisions and better manage your debt.

How we help you: 

Our "Debt Counseling College"© division provides representatives who conduct one on one counseling sessions, as well as group workshops both in house and through outreach seminars. All services and materials provided by "Debt Counseling College"© are written by our Education department.

Resource Library A place to find financial information about credit/debit cards,  balancing a check book, understanding your credit report, debt consolidation, debt counseling,consumer advocacy etc.
Online Newsletter Download current or archieved issues of our online newsletter - The Consumer Advocate
Seminar Schedule If you live locally, why not stop by and meet one of our Certified Credit Counselors in person!  Come to one of our educational seminars and learn about a variety of debt management topics.

To find out more about our debt counseling services and how to arrange a free seminar for your school, agency or company, please contact:

                                        Carly Wardwell
                                        Education Director
                                        Toll Free:  1.888.354.6332

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